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A new British documentary series, ‘Tricks of the Restaurant Trade,’ claims that UL restaurants seat ‘uglier’ people in the back
The British multinational grocery is set to roll out sugar reduction targets in the New Year
Grub Kitchen in Wales specializes in edible insects

Andree’s children have both said that they believe the harsh physical punishment essentially amounts to a death sentence for their father. 

Hussain, a 30-year-old British Muslim, is changing what it looks like to be British. 

UK Pizza Hut Locations Offer Free Pizza to Charlottes After Birth of New Princess

Raymond Allen, a friend of Colonel Sanders, opened up the first KFC franchise in the UK but says it’s gone way downhill

Choosing greasy fried chicken over Gordon’s juicy Beef Wellington? That might take this chef down a notch or two.

Arrival of the royal baby expected to spark a $133 million food spending spree
The birth of the royal baby will boost food and drink sales as Brits toast to his birth