# Big Mac

He reportedly ate one Big Mac a week for decades
McDonald’s is slathering its classic Big Mac with sriracha sauce at test locations in Columbus, Ohio
McDonald’s will soon offer two new sizes, for those who think a Big Mac isn’t enough
New Big Mac sizes are made for customers who might want less or more
Australian badminton player Sawan Serasinghe wallowed in his loss by eating Olympic-sized portions of McDonald’s food
Food experimenters over at Foodbeast threw the ingredients for a Big Mac over some McDonald’s fries and it was glorious
McDonald’s is testing smaller and larger versions of the iconic sandwich
McDonald’s has introduced Japan to a GIANT Mac with four beef patties and more than twice the amount of meat as usual
Company is determining if any of the runner-up bids are genuine
An unnamed McDonald’s Big Mac topped with mashed potatoes has been spotted in Japan, and you can help name it