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Baseball game snacks will do more than just put a hole in your wallet; they’re likely to wreak havoc with your diet, too
The College Daze Bloody Mary is being sold at the Minnesota Twins’ Target Field
The Minnesota Twins have created a Blue Moon Creamsicle milkshake
The New York Yankees hired a brand-new nutritionist, Cynthia Sass, who is all about the quinoa, kale, and lean protein
A minor league baseball team just released the king of all gluttonous ballpark snacks: the Krispy Kreme bacon hot dog
The last time we went to Yankee Stadium, the most exotic beer they had was Stella Artois, so we aren’t surprised.
We can't quite figure out why the beer from these self-serve machines is so cheap, but hey, who's complaining?
Would you want to eat this sandwich piled high with all the meats and fixins' from the classic burger and Chicago dog?
Baseball players love cooking and going out to eat just like the rest of us! Even though, unlike the rest of us, they have a much bigger spending budget.
Grab more than just an ice cream this year at Yankee Stadium. Fans can kick back with chicken and waffles, or gourmet fare from one of the MVP lounges.