# Australia

Campfire S’mores, Coconut Cream Pie, and Peanut Butter Jelly Time also introduced
An all-nude restaurant popped up in Melbourne for one day: a buffet in the buff for those adventurous enough to try
Two brewers in Melbourne, Australia figured out how to brew beer using yeast found in belly button fluff
You don’t need to be stoned to enjoy the restaurant’s indulgent offerings
And you should probably book your flight now
An Australian dad was busted when police found his kids freewheeling in the car, while two cases of beer were secured
A gender pay gap bake sale charged men extra for a cupcake to make a point, and the organizers got death threats
Is chicken salt the condiment we never knew we actually needed?
The Bazooka cannoli hails from a bakery in Australia and features a giant cannoli shell stuffed with regular-sized cannoli