# Australia

One of the world’s biggest festivals lights up all aspects of Australia’s picturesque city
Ben & Jerry’s just banned homogenous scoops in the same ice cream cone or cup until gay marriage is passed in Australia
Lattes being served inside avocado skins at the Truman Café in Melbourne are meant to poke fun at millennial obsessions
Some places you’ll just have to visit yourself to believe they exist
A new infographic shows the price-adjusted cost of a Starbucks latte in 44 countries, and Russia was the most exorbitant
The ad was found to be the most effective out of 83 global anti-alcohol campaigns used in the study
A man tried to dine and dash by running into the ocean and swimming away
The awards, announced April 5 in Melbourne, promoted the Manhattan landmark to first place
Chicken salted kangaroo meat, anyone?
The restaurant is located in the former Swine & Co restaurant