# Antibiotics

Perdue described the acquisition as an effort ‘to be the most trusted brand in premium proteins’
The company will wait for a public response before making a decision on its antibiotics policy
Environmental Activists Critical of New Federal Policy Designed to Curb Antibiotics in Meat
Tyson aims to remove human antibiotics from its chicken within the next 2 years

The Natural Resources Defense Council has called for individual states to step up in the face of ‘meaningful federal action.’

Many companies may say that they raise antibiotic-free chickens and pigs, but antibiotic usage is still rampant worldwide
One percent of dairy farms surveyed tested positive for unapproved drugs
McDonald’s USA will work with its poultry supply chain to eliminate the use of human antibiotics in chickens
Perdue Farms has announced the decision to eliminate the use of antibiotics in its hatcheries