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The crustaceans must be electrically stunned instead
China’s controversial dog meat food festival has reportedly banned canine consumption, but vendors say ‘we didn’t hear anything’
Taiwan just passed an amendment to its animal protection laws that bans the selling or consumption of dog and cat meat
Burger King just launched a new animal welfare policy that commits to standards laid out by the Global Animal Partnership
The market reportedly sells 80,000 dogs (alive or dead) each year
The average Thanksgiving turkey weighs 81 percent more than its holiday bird counterparts did 50 years ago
PETA posts controversial billboard depicting a child smoking a cigar, as a nod to the labeling of processed meats as carcinogens

Whole Foods Market prides itself on selling meat from animals raised with strict welfare standards. PETA thinks they’re stretching the truth.

McDonald’s locations in the US and Canada will only use cage-free eggs by the year 2025
Seaboard Foods, pork distributor for Walmart and other major grocery stores, is investigating animal abuse claims