# America's best fried chicken

 If You Haven’t Been Making Hot Chicken, Then You’ve Been Missing Out
by Angela Carlos, Nov 9, 2015 | 4:56 pm

It’s fiery. It overtakes your taste buds and burns your mouth in just the right way....

by Nikkitha Bakshani, Jul 21, 2015 | 6:30 pm

There are plenty of places around the country — and the world — that serve excellent fried chicken. But why not focus on the region that without...

America's Best Fried Chicken Spots
by Nikkitha Bakshani, Jun 24, 2015 | 2:57 pm

Fried chicken is much loved in America, yes, but many cultures around the world fry chicken with great success. The best part about fried chicken...

Calling All Fried Chicken Lovers in America
by Nikkitha Bakshani, May 26, 2015 | 3:40 pm

Fried chicken is more than just one of the ...

by Alexandra E. Petri, Dec 30, 2014 | 1:54 pm

We know, we know. You think your mom makes the best fried chicken period.

by Alexandra E. Petri, Oct 20, 2014 | 4:05 pm

Like hot dogs, hamburgers, and turkey with stuffing, fried chicken is a quintessentially American dish.