# act of kindness

College wide receiver Travis Rudolph had lunch last fall with a young boy who has autism, and now Rudolph is headed to the NFL
‘Mr. Gary’ walked into a Texas ice cream shop, paid for a water bottle and spent the next three hours buying ice cream
A Popeyes customer surprised drive-thru employee Shajuana Mays by raising $14,000 for her to achieve her lifelong dream
A photo of IHOP server Joe Thomas helping to feed a regular customer, who happens to be disabled, has gone viral
Ellie Walker decided to arrange a dinner date with her Sainsbury’s customer when she learned he was alone most days
A dad in Australia is being applauded for his generosity after an elderly woman’s card was denied at the grocery store
A New Jersey diner waitress was touched when her customer listened to her problems: Now she has a set of brand-new teeth
A white Trump supporter from Texas left a $450 tip for his black waitress, along with an inspiring note about coming together
Pizza Hut waitress says she received a $558 tip from some generous customers and was able to put a deposit down on an apartment
The young Indiana boy was given a job as a honorary employee, and McDonald’s donated toys in his name