Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

400 W Basin Drive SW (at Ohio Dr SW)
Washington, DC 20024
(202) 426-6841


  • This tribute features outdoor galleries, statues and inscriptions meant to represent the 32nd U.S. presidents time in office, from 1933 to 1945.
  • I'm not sure why people are coming up and taking pic in the bread line with smiles on. It was not a happy time.
  • Stand w/ @BarackObama: Protect Medicare, Medicaid & Education. Support #JobsNotCuts
  • Definitely the best memorial in DC. Sculptures, waterfalls, evocative quotes... A fitting tribute to the man who brought this country out of the Great Depression.
  • The best memorial in DC, different quotes and sculptures are all around. Even on the steps! You could spend hours looking around this one monument.
  • Room Three is The War Years (1940-44). Loud waterfalls symbolize turmoil of US entrance to WWII. FDR sculpture controversial for lap blanket considered to hide handicap. Full site history via<LINK>
  • President that got all of you social security!
  • Go to the FDR Memorial at night. The lights play with the statues and waters in a way that daylight just doesn't bring out.
  • Room Four Seeds of Peace (1944-1945). Statue pays tribute to the former first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. This work was the first public artwork to honor a First Lady. Full site history via<LINK>
  • Room Two is reflection of FDRs 2nd term (1936-1940) titled Social Policy. Features 3 sculptures by George Segal (known for Gay Liberation work in NYC Christopher Park). Full site history via<LINK>
  • One of the greatest presidents of all set a benchmark for all the monument is fitting. Some cool different sculptures beautiful waterfall read the words and take a moment big photo op here
  • Kids say the best part of this memorial is the statue of three-foot high Fala, Roosevelt's Scotty dog, whom they're allowed to pet. Powered by
  • Sad to see how many visitors - wink, wink millennials - don't understand the monument depicting how impoverished we were, and decide to pose smiling with the statues of those in the food line.
  • Room One is titled The Early Years and focuses on Roosevelts first term from 1932-1936. Along south wall is 30' bas relief by Robert Graham titled The First Inaugural. Full site history via<LINK>
  • After nearly 50 yrs in planning/construction & $48 million incurred, the 7.5 acre Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial was dedicated on May 2, 1997 by President Bill Clinton. Full site history via<LINK>
  • Make sure to start at Term 1 and work you way through the time line.
  • Ask yourself if the current leaders of our country have the same love of our country's REAL core values as FDR once did.
  • If you make it this far you are almost to Jefferson. You gotta see Jefferson, declaration of Independence writer?!!
  • Did you know Franklin Delano Roosevelt hosted a hot dog picnic at his private retreat in Hyde Park, New York for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth?
  • Start at the water falls and work your way to the quiet pool.

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