Frank Bruni Loves Being a Restaurant Regular

Frank Bruni talks about falling in love with being a regular
Frank Bruni

"We don’t have fireworks, not this late in the game. But we have a rhythm. Sometimes that’s better," says Bruni of the restaurants that he continues to dine at again and again.

Former New York Times Dining critic Frank Bruni says when it comes to dining, "rhythm" and familiarity are sometimes better than "fireworks." In his latest article published by The New York Times, he talks about "the joys of familiarity," "the pleasures of intimacy," and "the virtues of staying put" at a restaurant that you visit over and over again, or, in other words, are a regular at.

Bruni says that when you find a restaurant that you’re going to commit to and form a relationship with, it's a restaurant that "is going to be faithful."

As a regular, a restaurant will treat you well and give you better service and consideration. You might also be one of the first to try new items on the menu because you’ve "earned the right." And for restuarants, a regular customer increases the morale of the team and "changes the culture of the restaurant."

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"To be a regular is not just to settle down but to grow up and appreciate that for all you haven’t tasted, you’re plenty lucky and plenty happy with what you have," says Bruni.