Franconia Sculpture Park

Sculpture, Art Gallery
29836 Saint Croix Trl
Shafer, MN 55074


  • Leave yourself plenty of time to wander this expansive park-like setting. Dusk is an opportunity for some amazing pics!
  • Kids and adults both will enjoy the artful playgrounds. They are whimsical and fun!
  • Grate place to find modern sculpture in the MIDDLE OF NO-WHERE! Sculpture Artists come from across America, Europe, and Asia to work, study, and create here! It is truly one of the hidden gems on MN.
  • Fantastic for the whole family. All ages will enjoy interacting with each piece. Be sure stop in the rear of the garden to meet an artist at work.
  • Best date place. Bring a camera for lots of fun photos.
  • The most fun free thing you can do in this area! The sculptures are very fun. The property is beautiful for walking. So many good photo ops. They do suggest donations to support the foundation.
  • Fun for the family. Well maintained. It's free
  • see everything.
  • Unexpected find! Great spot to bring kids on a nice day to be outside. There is a lot to do and see and lots of great photo ops. Bring your camera
  • Great place for kids to run and explore! Even in the rain we had a blast. :-)
  • Both children and adults will be entertained. Awkward art, but touchable and claimable, the kids always seem to enjoy it. Dr.Anastasios Pappas MD
  • If it's a rainy day or has been a wet week, be sure to wear boots because the natural landscape has areas that form ponds
  • Great for Kids and Dogs! So much fun!
  • If you are into odd sculpture, then this is the place for you! It's a fairly large park to wander around in. There is also a stage & amphitheater for live performances.
  • Really neat place. Lots of cool art.
  • Come during an event where Asase Ya is there for some Fresh yummy food!
  • The best crazy wonderful park
  • beware the wild parsnip. can cause nasty blisters if you touch the sap.

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