Fourth of July Freedom Fest: Scottsdale, AZ

The event will be held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel

Fairmont Scottsdale

The Fairmont Princess Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona will be hosting a three-day Freedom Fest this Fourth of July.

The festival includes multiple events such as tribute concerts from local band Zowie Bowie on the fourth and fifth, and Foreverland, a Michael Jackson tribute band on the sixth.

The hotel will also be hosting a special salute to Specialist First Class Josh Bullis of the United States Army, and will award him a technologically advanced wheelchair called the iBot.  According to the press release, the wheelchair “can convert from four-wheels to a two-wheeled balance mode, allowing the user to sit at eye level with a standing 6-ft. tall adult, regaining a measure of equality and greater independence than any other mobility device.”

Other events include a Techno Glo Pool Party, during which the hotel pool is adorned with fog and lasers while a DJ plays electronic music for festival guests.


A portion of the proceeds from Freedom Fest will benefit the Arizona National Guard and families of members of the military.