Founders Plaza

Scenic Lookout, Plaza
1555 N Airfield Dr (at Texan Trail)
Grapevine, TX 76051


  • Most enjoyable when aircraft are landing to the South. Nice location for a picnic. Live air traffic control is played.
  • Embrace your inner #avgeek.
  • A very peaceful place for me. I come here often and watch the planes and read my bible and do my crown financial studies while Christopher plays and watches the airplanes and makes tons of new friends
  • More info about Founder's Plaza
  • Nice place to spot large planes like 747, 777 and A380!
  • Depending on the wind direction, you'll either watch take off or landings, but either way it's pretty cool.
  • Bring your camera.
  • Great place to see Ameriflight and
  • Equally as enjoyable when they are taking off to the north :)
  • Just come and enjoy
  • Bring your binoculars!
  • great place to bring flying enthusiasts to watch the planes come in.
  • I love it when there aren't many people here but it's still wonderful when it's crowded. Plane watching is the best!
  • Very cool to watch planes land and take off.
  • Listening to the control tower and watching the aircraft.
  • Please drive counter clockwise! It's a one way circle, but it isn't well marked.
  • This is a very good place to watch planes land and take off. UPS air freight building is very close by.
  • This is a great place to go for dates. Especially if you are both into airplanes.
  • It's nice to visit any time of the day to watch plans land and take off.
  • Check the schedules for British Airways and Qantas. Seeing those 747s landing or taking off is always awesome.

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