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Fool’s Gold

I’m starting this week where the last left off, with a quick roundup of the best April Fool’s Day gags. These always succeed best when they’re just possible, when if only a small part of you is taken in. That so many were about menu products or services shows how many far-fetched but real examples of both we see in the burger world now.


Last year Wayback Burgers proposed an April 1 milk shake made with ground-cricket powder. But many people not only believed it, they were ready to order it, so Wayback gave it a try. Similarly, the company claims the Cheeesy Gold Milkshake—“fresh milk, premium vanilla bean ice cream and rich liquid gold for an ooey, gooey combination cheese lovers will go gaga over”—started as an April Fool’s joke, but some locations actually whipped up the milk shake with ice cream and Cheese Whiz and gave 12-oz. servings for free last Friday.

BK_ChickenFries Shake.April1

Burger King, which in February actually created a Dr. Pepper Shake, extended its Chicken Fries brand to milk shakes for April 1.


Chicago Italian-beef chain Buona floated the most unsettling milk shake idea: the Giardiniera Shake (for the uninitiated, giardiniera is a relish of pickled vegetables that’s a hot dog staple in Chicago). At least one blog reported it as fact.


Johnny Rockets invented a Bacon + Avocado Shake, but immediately spoiled the joke with “#AprilFools.”


In France, Burger King created a side for those watching their calories: the Single Fry. Individually wrapped, of course.

Melt_Bunin Bun

If you’re not counting calories, Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers in Leesburg Va., offered The Melt Bun Burger: “one of our incredible fresh baked buns tucked between a pair of our awesome fresh baked buns!”


McDonald’s staged a few elaborate hoaxes. Corporate’s joke had its own website ( to promote the “MmmBox.” In addition to The Artisan and The Minimalist variety, The Ribster MmmBox was shown to include a McRib sandwich, a mustache comb, plaid napkin and “a little bit of irony.”

McD_McJuice_April 1

McDonald’s Southern California co-op went almost as far. It touted a new line of juices in four varieties: Big Mac Blend, Filet-O-Fish Swish, French Fries Quench and Ruby McRib Juice. It even created sample products to show.


Service was the theme of a few pranks. Waffle House announced it was beginning delivery. And White Castle claimed a fleet of drones called Crave Copters would bring Crave Cases of Sliders to your door.


Rehab Burger Therapy burger bar in Scottsdale, Ariz., promoted a new service: “We’re excited to announce our new left-handed burgers. We recently learned that 10% of the population is left-handed so we were compelled to step up. Effective immediately all of our delicious burger combinations are available in a left-handed configuration.”


Finally, our insightful friends to the north, Canadian burger chain The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro, sent us The Trump Burger: “It’s a beef patty stuffed full of bologna and topped with a Trump Tower O’Rings. It even comes with your very own wearable hairpiece! Available only at our U.S. locations, this burger might be out of your price range…guaranteed to put you into bankruptcy.”

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