The Foodish Boy Searches for 'Real Bread'

Our contributor explores 'real bread' during his third of 52 food jobs

The Foodish Boy attempts to learn how bread is made.

Straight in at the deep end, I had the task of shaping dough in preparation for baking. This proved a really tough job as the margins for error were so small. It's OK having a misshapen loaf at home, but here there are strict guidelines to meet and consistency is key. Thankfully I had one of the company's best bakers to hand to offer advice and guidance (and admittedly reshape some of my shoddy looking loaves.) She must have shaped five loaves in the time it took me to do one!

Up next was the rather terrifying task of baking the bread. Only I could end up next to a wall of piping-hot ovens the week the U.K. has a heat wave. Although the heat was manageable in the morning, it got unbearably hot later in the day. Having spent the day inside, my girlfriend wondered why I was sunburnt. With my fair skin I literally baked from the heat of the job. Sitting down rosy cheeked, I could tell I had a long, hard, hot week ahead of me. Real bread requires real effort. But as soon as I tucked into my humble supper of bread and butter I knew it would be worth it.


The Foodish Boy is 25-year-old Alex Nazaruk from the U.K. Follow his journey working a different food-based job every week for a year at www.foodishboy.comFacebook, or tweet him @foodishboy.