Food For Thought: Politics more important than food

Politics more important than food

Eating at this restaurant  was a most unenjoyable experience. Right wing politics permeate the atmosphere from the entrance to receiving the bill. It felt as if I'd inadvertently walked into an extremist political pep rally. I could provide specifics but let's just say that the owners use their business to promote the atheistic and self-centered egoism of Ayn Rand who is God to the tea-party crowd. So, if you belong to this group, enjoy this place where the dominant value is to force politics on customers who are simply seeking a pleasant place to enjoy a good meal. I don't care what they believe but I do care about someone forcing that belief on others. As for me and my house, there are much better places to spend money. This is a word of advice for open-minded residents and tourist in the Williamsburg area.

1647 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185
$ $