Food Products to Boost Your Golf Game

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A collection of products specially designed for golfers
The 10th Tee Bar
SCNS Sports Foods

PowerBar's Harvest Whole Grain Long Lasting Energy Bar

A typical game of golf can take hours if you’re playing the full 18 holes — which means it’s ultra-important to consider the nutritional and dietary measures you’re taking to perform at your peak level for an extended period of time. Take a look through this collection of food products designed especially for golfers looking to boost their game.

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Like with many other long-format sports, the key for golfers is to eat something before, during, and after a round. Many products are even crafted to be enjoyed at a particular time, such as the 1st Tee and 10th Tee energy bars from SCNS Sports Food — the first is meant to be eaten at the start of the round to boost energy and the second is meant to be eaten halfway through to replenish nutrients and sustain energy levels.

Click through the slideshow for a more detailed look at what each of these food products do and how they’ll help boost you mentally and physically on the course.