Food Packaging Linked to Obesity and More News

In today's Media Mix, the problem with the 'high blood pressure diet,' plus America's fast-food regions
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Food Packaging Linked to Childhood Obesity: Yikes: While BPA has already been linked to certain kinds of cancer, now researchers say the chemical used in food packaging could be a factor behind childhood obesity. [Crains New York]

African-Americans Don't Follow the "High Blood Pressure Diet": The so-called "DASH" diet has helped many reduce their blood pressure, but African-Americans are less likely to adpot the diet. [U.S. News]

Fast Food in America: You'll never look at your local McDonald's the same again; a fast-food data visualizer put together a map of fast-food restaurants from coast to coast. [Co. Design]

KFC Appeals $8M Lawsuit: The lawsuit, filed by parents who claim salmonella left their daughter severely disabled, has gone back to court. [The Austrailian]

Inside Mario Batali's Home: In honor of the chef's birthday, Vanity Fair got a sneak peek at what he eats at home. [Huffington Post]

GM Foods Cause Health Problems: In a new study, rats fed certain genetically modified foods later developed tumors and liver and kidney problems. [LA Times]