Food Loves Tech Conference

Alexina Cather

Edible Manhattan is partnering with Vayner Media to create the Food Loves Tech Conference, scheduled to take place in June 2016 in New York City. The conference will explore the ways that food and technology are working to change how eaters produce, package, and experience food. The innovative festival will be a platform and an inside view into how technological advances in our food system can help change the way the world eats.

The three-day exposition will be the first event of its kind and will offer consumers a view into the future, focusing on the intersection of food and technology. The goal of Food Loves Tech (FLT) is “to engage the public in a unique and direct manner as it relates to food and technology, and our future,” says Brian Halweil, Editor in Chief of Edible Manhattan. FLT will offer technology tastings, allowing those in attendance the opportunity to “test-drive” the kitchens, wine-pouring robots, coffee bars, subterranean gardens, and food chains of the future.

By bringing food tech innovators, leaders, food enthusiasts, and start-ups together under one roof in Chelsea, Manhattan, FLT hopes to inspire conversation and change the way we think about the future of food.                                       

Do not miss out on this one-of-a-kind event, bringing food and technology together and buy your ticket to the conference today.