Food of the Day: Coffee Oreo Ice Cream from Ashley’s Ice Cream

How Ashley’s does justice to the Oreo ice cream

Ashley's Ice Cream in New Haven holds the greatest coffee Oreo ice cream.

The Coffee Oreo ice cream from Ashley’s Ice Cream in New Haven puts any other ice cream to shame. 

Ashley’s doesn’t occupy that big of a space. It’s a tad bit narrow, and there are barely any seats offered. But stand in line and you’ll see the beautiful array of flavors offered. With over 150 options, it almost looks like a dazzling rainbow. You almost want to press your face against the chilled pane in utter shock of the unique, but delicious combination of flavors such as the nutella chip, bourbon brown sugar, and vanilla malt whopper.

I’ve sampled a few dozen of these, and am pretty confident that I’ve found my favorite: coffee Oreo.

If you ask me, the coffee Oreo ice cream is almost like an art: difficult to master. At other ice cream places I have been served several not-so-good scoops of this delicious ice cream, where chunks of Oreo have been unevenly mixed with the ice cream, or even worse, the Oreos have been too soft with an almost stale taste.

At Ashley’s you won’t find any of that. The creamy ice cream comes to you at the perfect temperature, and you can find both small and large bits of crunchy Oreo. But most importantly, their coffee flavor isn’t overpowering; it complements the sweet Oreos just like you are having milk and cookies. 

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