Food Bazaar Supermarket

Grocery Store
21 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 532-0320


  • Food Bizarre
  • bring your glow sticks and get ready to dance while you shop
  • Why is this store so terrible at line management? They have the setup and manpower to check us out so much faster with no additional cost to them.
  • It's a far-out wonderful grocery. The isles constantly change (like while you're there) and the seafood selection is killer (lotsa dead fish). I love this place, and you should too. Muy bien!!!
  • Sunday afternoon means long lines. People be stocking up for the apocalypse.
  • They have just about everything. If you can't find what you are looking for in its logical place, keep looking it will be in the last place you expected it to be.
  • I love this place to no end. They have everything.
  • Three rows of rice and beans!
  • Great place to find cheap and good Mexican and Latin American food. Although the store looks run-down from the outside, inside it's clean and well-organized. Service hours: 7:00-23:30h
  • I found them! Barcel Habanero chips are the best chip I've ever had period! They can sometimes be found in the far front of the store past the deli near the seating.
  • Huge supermarket with fantastic selection. Tons of awesome Puerto Rican and Mexican specialties and brands. No Barcel habanero chips, though.
  • Don't go anywhere near the first or the fifteenth of the month! Everybody and their mother is there.
  • Great for a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, poultry and meat. Great value for healthy eaters and juicers. Great for chefs and people who host at home a lot.
  • It's what it is but can't beat their prices
  • So much going on here, always
  • Maybe my expectations were set too high. It's ok. Lots of Caribbean and southamerican grocery items. Guess I was just hoping for more but not sure what. Lol!
  • Big Latin American supermarket with great prices. Just don't go on the first week of the month. Trust me
  • Renovations include new "white people food" section
  • Shop early before the afternoon crowds and long lines happen. Good prices and sometimes sales here.
  • Prices are great here, so lines suck. BIG time. Currently 50 feet from the express register... And not moving soon.

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