Food and Wine App Transports Reader to Umbria

Staff Writer
Photos, recipes, and landscapes of a culturally rich Italian region, all at the tip of your fingers

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

A trip to the wine region of Umbria is accessible through your fingertips

Italian food and wine has a new partner in crime.

An Umbria-focused app is now available as a free download for smartphones and tablets. This move to technology is a way the quaint, land-locked Italian region is pushing its culture into the 21st century, while still keeping old world traditions.

The “Umbria Enogastronomia,” or “Umbria Food and Wine” app showcases recipes and best Umbrian wines. According to its description, the software is designed to promote tourism through “communication of culinary excellence.” Aspects of the app include a selection of products available in the territory, a collection of Umbrian wines, and a range of recipes shown through photos, as well as an opportunity to explore Umbria’s landscapes.

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These releases accompanied New York’s Umbria Week, June 3rd - 8th, a time to celebrate culture and tourism. This week is a pre-cursor to a month-long celebration this November known as “Sensational Umbria.” Events are being planned to immerse participants in the region’s flavors. This follows Mayor Bloomberg’s official proclamation that November is “I Love Umbria” month as an expression of his appreciation and gratitude for the city’s Italian immigrants’ contributions, making it, as he says, “the greatest city in the world.”