Flying J Travel Plaza

Gas Station, Convenience Store, Fast Food
7005 N Chestnut St (I-80, Exit 40)
Avoca, IA 51521
(712) 343-4007


  • It's a Flying J now.
  • All I know is every time my husband & I come here there's drivers that act like morons, & they forget how to drive & block the way ! Come on guys, get a clue or get out of the truck !
  • Chicken shit managment wont do anything about making trucks move that are blocking you when you are in a valid parking spot
  • Big spaces for parking
  • They REFUSE do honor FLyiNG J coffee club an REFUSE to give you point on your card but will GLADLY TAKE points from you !!!!! The are NO LONGER on my list of places to stop !!!!
  • Multiple quality food options.
  • Man the MaidRite sandwich was Awesome
  • This place has become a $h!thole... But the showers were clean and the old guy that cleans the showers, empties the trash, etc. was really nice.
  • Mark this down as another truck stop Pilot has completely ruined!
  • Nice showers!
  • This not a pilot owned store it's a fuel seller. They do not honor club points or anything else. Be mindfull of this fact before you arrive. They carry the Pilot Flying J name only in fuel.
  • Maid-Rite on site
  • It went down hill last year, I dont go there More
  • Don't think your going to get coffee credit cause they don't do that and say they won't they just sell J fuel that is it.. Well I will fuel somewhere else from now on..
  • They change names to many times here, wings then pilot now fly' J WTF eh?

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