Fling Recovery Food

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Fling Recovery Food

Photo by Kelda Baljon, Spoon Northwestern

Photo by Kelda Baljon

Rice, Rice, Baby: It’s time for your stomach to do some absorbing, so anything with rice is sure to do the trick. Try basic sushi (adventurous raw fish is risky on any day) from somewhere like Mizu or Pod. If you’re not into that, rice bowls (such as ones from Tampopo) are a good way to settle your stomach. If you want to make mountains of rice yourself, here’s how.

Photo by Parsa Lotfi, University of Rochester Spoon

Photo by Parsa Lotfi

Carb Overload: Sometimes there’s nothing better than pasta. Order in, make it yourself, or if you’re feeling up to it, go to one of the classic Italian BYOBs.

Photo by Amanda Shulman

Photo by Amanda Shulman

Cheesy Delights: Grease is key when drinking, so cheesy meals are always a good idea after a long day of drinking and before more. Grilled cheeses give you cheese for grease and bread for absorption in a delicious, melty, gooey sandwich. Try a gourmet one from Bobby’s Burgers or a similar one from Capogiro, or if you’re feeling wild then go ahead and make one of these. If you’re not a grilled cheese fan, mac and cheese is the way to go. While Wawa’s mac and cheese is a go-to classic, I would recommend trying Cavanaugh’s version (yes, the bar makes food).


Photo by Amanda Shulman

Green Goodness: Don’t be too worried if you’re one of those health nuts whose afraid of carbs – we’ve still got you covered. Try a cleansing drink like Hip City Veg’s green groothie. This raw, green, smoothie bound to give you the energy you need while the bananas mixed in will help calm your stomach.

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