Flight Attendant Steals 1,500 Mini Liquor Bottles

Among the perks of being a flight attendant are getting to see the world and meet interesting people, but those perks do not include as many of those little airplane liquor bottles as they can carry, and now one flight attendant is facing charges for stealing them.

She must have been at it for some time, too, because according to the Associated Press, a flight attendant with Endeavor Air managed to steal around 1,500 of the tiny bottles during her time with the airline. She would reportedly take the bottles from the plane by hiding them in her bag and just taking them with her after the flights landed.

Once she got home with the bottles, the flight attendant would reportedly sell the tiny liquors on Craigslist for one dollar apiece. That's not a bad deal, considering those little bottles normally sell for more like $8 each on the plane, but the tiny bottles were stolen property and now the flight attendant faces charges for theft and unlawful sale of alcohol.