The Fizzary

Row 1

2949 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(831) 460-4600
Food & Drink, Candy Store
Mon–Sun: 11:30 AM–7:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • They have Club Mate, a german energy drink that is IMPOSSIBLE to find in the US!!
  • Absolutely amazing collection of soda pops and vintage candy. The sodas are presented beautifully and organized by flavor!
  • Like root beer? Pick up a bottle of Sparky's. In fact, ask the staff for recommendations and fill a 6-pack, they really know their shit.
  • They will quick-chill any soda you buy down to a drinkable temperature for you.
  • Longing for a little childhood nostalgia? Fizzary has some amazing products you probably haven't seen for 20 years (Fruit Stripe gum ring any bells?).
  • Great soda selection! Plus they have a chiller where they can chill anything you buy in 5 minutes. Nice.
  • Be sure to try: Mojito Matte (their own soda), Dry Cucumber (goes great with gin), Dublin Dr Pepper (a classic DP recipe from Dublin Texas), and Cel-ray (a tasty unique soda).
  • Really great salt-water taffy here and really nice dude behind the counter!
  • They have Club-Mate here!
  • Club Mate, imported from Germany!!! Also amazing house brands. Try the Caf Azteca espresso cola.
  • This place is so cute and full of glass bottle sodas and old fashioned candies! Super fun to just look around
  • If you want a soda this is your place.
  • The only place I found so far on the west coast that sells Club-Mate. Do I have even have to say more?! I'm in love.
  • More than 700 varieties of soda line the wallscool yours down in the "rapid chill" water bath as you move on to the candy collection. When you're ready to check out, collect your saltwater taffy.
  • Such a great place
  • Overwhelming selection!
  • Ask the staff for a recommendation.
  • They have pop rocks!
  • So. Many. Sodas. I feel like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory!
  • I'm not a huge fan of soda but this place made a believer out of me. A lot of thought went into this place and it shows. You just might be overcome with nostalgia for beverages you've never tried.