The Five White Wines You Should Be Drinking This Summer

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From albarino to muscadet, the best white wines of summer 2013

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

With the first heat wave of the season just passed, it’s no surprise that I was left scouring my local wine retailer’s shelves for liquid salvation. Sadly, I stopped in the wrong shop and left with a bottle of wine that, while it fulfilled its duty, left me wanting more, or less as the case may be.

More acidity, minerality and freshness were the ‘mores’ I had in mind. Less alcohol and richness completed my mental image of the perfect wine for summertime highs, and a nice lunch of shrimp tacos, or even better, dinner of scallops, sea bass, and a nice greek salad, fava beans optional. So what exactly did I have in mind when I passed through my wine shop’s doors? Five wines to be exact, each of which would have been a vacation in a bottle. Five glorious wines to make summer’s heat more bearable, and summer’s menus come alive!

Click here for the five white wines you should be drinking this summer. 

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Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth