Five Unexpected Uses for Coconut Oil


1. Coffee
It sounds a little bit odd, but a family member recently showed me an at-home coffee trick. Take some hot coffee (and desired sugar or sweetener), pour it into a blender and add a spoon of coconut oil. After a quick buzz, the oil froths up, creating creaminess and foam – voila, an at-home latte!

Photo by Erica Wong

2. Magic Shell
Remember the chocolate shell sauce that we used to (or still do) pour over ice cream and watch in amazement as it hardened, becoming a nice chocolate shell to break into? Well, it’s surprisingly easy to re-create the effect at home! Just microwave some coconut oil and your favorite chocolate until liquid and mix thoroughly. Pour over your favorite ice cream and be amazed.

Photo by Erica Wong

3. Hair Mask
This isn’t a recipe, but it still is a great (and easy) way to use coconut oil. Simply melt some oil, then run it through your hair (especially the ends). Either wait a few hours or overnight, wash your hair and reveal its new super silky beauty.

Photo by Erica Wong

4. Three Ingredient Fudge
Using just coconut oil, cocoa powder and honey (in a ratio of 2:2:1) you can make delicious fudge by melting and mixing all these ingredients together and letting it set in the fridge. For more flavor and fun, try adding in some dried fruit, nuts or sea salt on top!

Photo by Elana Amsterdam

5. Scrub
Although it may sound like a sweet treat, combining coconut oil and brown sugar can be a great body scrub. It will moisturize and exfoliate your skin all at once- but just be sure to rinse it off so people don’t mistake you for a sugar-coated cupcake!

Photo by Kim Love

These are just a few of the dozens of ways you can use coconut oil. Try brainstorming your own, and see what coconutty concoction you can come up with!

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