Five Points

Neighborhood, Entertainment
Columbia, SC



  • Love Five Points? Live where you play in such great neighborhoods as Shandon, Wales Garden, and University Hill!
  • Try the fried okra at Sammi's!
  • Go to Andy's Deli
  • Come visit me!
  • watch out for the coppers at night, they are always on the prowl
  • Public Art: Five Points mural on the side of the Pecknell Building facing Greene St and Harden Street.
  • Gotta love five points in Columbia!
  • A nice little area for shopping with the girls and or family during the day. And a lively area for nightlife once the sun goes does.
  • Cute, but dangerous!
  • concern on the safety at night now~
  • Forget about using the phone.
  • Good time!
  • If you are out of college and want to feel old, visit 5 Points after sunset.
  • Go out along Harden Street--you'll have the most places to choose from!
  • One of many reasons why I love Columbia. :)
  • Not worth the drive unless you are already in Columbia and bored

Nearby places

2107 Greene St
747 Saluda Ave (Harden St & Greene St)