Five Must-Have Beauty Products for Touch-Ups

Five Must-Have Beauty Products for Touch-Ups

Hey guys, I’m back again for round 3 of Beauty with Brittany Lo! I was talking to a reader recently in the Hamptons who was frustrated about her makeup melting away minutes after the party had started. Us ladies spend SO much time and effort getting done up for weddings and special events but often times we look back at pictures and cringe at the state of our makeup post cocktail hour. However, do not fret! I have shared my list of must have products to pack into your clutch before attending any event. This army of beauty products will help hold your look from beginning to end so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself on the dance floor!

1) Translucent Finishing Powder


A translucent powder like Makeup Forever’s HD Microfinish Powder should be your newest best friend. The powder applies invisibly and the silica microspheres absorb oils and sweat from your face without smudging your makeup. This lightweight, silky smooth powder is also available in miniature sizes at Sephora that are perfect to fit into your clutch!

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