Five Awesome Food Organizations in Alabama

Five Awesome Food Organizations in Alabama

Launched by Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation, the first annual Good Food Org Guide identifies and celebrates more than five hundred United States-based groups who are cultivating a better food system, including these five from Alabama.

Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network

The Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network (ASAN) is a network of farmers, consumers, and agriculture-related organizations that promote sustainable agriculture in Alabama. ASAN improves the situation of farmers in the state and provides the state’s consumers with fresh local products.

The Bay Area Food Bank

The Bay Area Food Bank works along the Central Gulf Coast of Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi with programs on child nutrition, community gardens, mobile pantries, and disaster relief, distributing over 16 million pounds of food annually. 

E.A.T. South

E.A.T. South, which stands for “Educate, Act, and Transform,” promotes healthy eating habits for urban youth in Montgomery, AL by educating citizens on how to grow their own food on model farms and school gardens.

Magic City Harvest

Magic City Harvest is a food recovery program that collects and delivers excess perishable foods to Birmingham, AL residents in need. The organization works to promote food security and offers nutrition programs such as the Healthy Kids Healthy Communities initiative and the Jefferson County Health Action Partnership. 

The REV Birmingham Urban Food Project

The REV Birmingham Urban Food Project is part of a greater economic development and revitalization project for Birmingham, AL. The Urban Food Project works to provide healthy affordable food to underserved areas by establishing farmers markets and incentivizing grocery markets and corner stores to stock local foods. 

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