First Look: Mar Coastal Mexican Fare

Our contributor reviews one of Atlanta's newest spots

Atlanta's Mar Coastal serves a light and bright Sunday brunch.

Grilled Tuna Salad: Castelvetrano olives, wood-roasted corn, toasted pine nuts, and a habanero-orange vinaigrette are the simple ingredients. The caramelization of the corn in combination with everything else takes the idea of a tuna salad far beyond imagination. But sometimes, tuna can be a little too strong of a "fishy" taste, as was the case here. And while the fishiness may have been a bit too powerful for some, the accompanying items caused it to mellow out.

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad: Belgian endive, peanuts, hearts of palm, roasted leeks, grapefruit-ginger-cilantro vinaigrette… it was what gourmet cuisine is all about. Light, refreshing and harmonious are the words that best describe the chef’s efforts.

Of course, you can’t have a complete Sunday brunch without having a signature drink. In the case of Mar Coastal, it’s the Sunday Bloody Sunday Bloody Marias. It’s a concoction of spicy tequila with chef Zelinka’s very own tomato mix.


The sweet ending to it all is a delightful tres leches cupcake. Sourced locally from Miss Watley, aka, The Cupcake Queen, it's a moist milk heavy cupcake with a caramel cream frosting that makes you think that it’s more think that it’s more than just a cupcake! You'll want to share since it's too good to keep to yourself!