Finally, A Stroller You Don’t Have to Push

From by Mila Pantovich
Finally, A Stroller You Don’t Have to Push

Smart tech is everywhere now, from thermostats to wearable garments, and now it has hit the stroller market. The Smartbe stroller doesn’t just utilize an engine and sensors to roll along in front of you, but it also features a baby cam, temperature control, a bottle warmer, wireless speakers for lullabies and an anti-theft alarm. Plus, if you feel uncomfortable about using it in hands-free mode, it has an assist-propelled setting that helps you push it and a manual one where you do all of the work. 

Smartbe stroller

Boasting a pretty cool sci-fi aesthetic, the intelligent gadget was designed for athletic parents who want to jog and run with ease. When in hands-free mode, it uses sensors to maintain a certain distance from your body, meaning that wherever you go, the stroller goes. Plus, it has a motor that’s strong enough to push it up hills without rolling backwards. If you want to push it yourself, you can switch it to manual and if it’s feeling a little heavy, the assisted setting can help you out.

Smartbe offer 10 functions that can be controlled through Android/iOS smartphones and smartwatches, including rocking modes, automatic power folding and adjustable seat configurations. Currently available on Indiegogo, the stroller runs for $2,750. 

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