Festive Latke Recipes

Experiment with the holiday staple with these delicious recipes from around the web

Cilantro Latkes

I made my first latkes for my family a few years ago at Hanukkah. My husband is Jewish, and I am Catholic, and part of our holiday traditions now include celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah so that our kids are exposed to both of their parents’ cultures and family traditions. I absolutely love it. I love learning about religious and cultural traditions and especially love learning about the food involved with those traditions.

Latkes are traditionally made with a blend of shredded potato, onion, flour, and egg, and fried in a shallow amount of oil to become “potato pancakes.” They can be served savory, topped with a sprinkle of kosher salt and dollop of sour cream, or on the sweeter side with a spoonful or two of applesauce. I’ve had them both ways, and it’s hard to pick a favorite in my opinion. Latkes are traditionally served during the festival of Hanukkah, as the the oil they are fried in symbolizes the oil that fueled the flame in the Hanukkah story.

As with most traditional foods, there is always room to experiment with new versions of your favorite recipes. Enjoy this collection of mouthwatering latke recipes from around the web.

— aggieskitche, Babble

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