Ferran Adrià Previews La BulliPedia

Check out his upcoming Internet-based food mega-encyclopedia

Ferran Adrià was the guest speaker at the final lecture of Harvard's Science and Cooking series, and while the entire series was pretty much about eggs, Adrià's lecture spanned everything from a cooking demo to the history of elBulli (there's literally a five-minute retrospective video at 15:30) and, of course, the purpose of his upcoming La BulliPedia.

On the latter topic, Adrià first references Google, saying that the Internet search tool is actually really young, although we feel like we've had it for 50 years. "We're talking about something very new, something marvelous no doubt," Adrià says through a translator.

Adrià flips through La BulliPedia (which has a URL but isn't live yet), noting that the University of Barcelona will be collaborating with the team to create the immense food dictionary, along with a ton of cooking schools around the world. The website will be divided into daily content and an archive, where food is divided into families (like vegetables, or acid), then broken down into individual components, each product/ingredient featuring a section for general, scientific information, and cooking information. So if you're looking for a variety of ways to cook asparagus (or how to say it in like seven different languages), you'll find it.

Watch below for the full lecture (La BulliPedia talk starts around 1:40), or click here to watch the preview only on YouTube.