Feeding the 5000 Fights Food Waste in New York City

From foodtank.com, by Alexina Cather
Feeding the 5000 Fights Food Waste in New York City

On Tuesday, May 10, from 11am to 4pm, thousands will gather in the North Plaza of Manhattan’s Union Square Park to participate in the Feeding the 5000 NYC campaign. Feeding the 5000 NYC is governed by Feedback, an environmental organization that seeks to end food waste at all levels throughout the food system.

Worldwide, at least 1.3 billion tons of food are lost or wasted as a result of inadequate infrastructure, overbuying, marketing practices, and lack of awareness about expiration and sell-by dates.  

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio has committed to achieving Zero Waste by 2030. The Zero Waste program is one key component of the OneNYC plan, which will guide the city’s goals toward long-term waste reduction and increased sustainability. The program will include organics collection, single-stream recycling, a Save-As-You-Throw waste program, recycling services for all New York City Housing Authority developments, zero-waste public schools, expanded opportunities to reuse and recycle electronics and textiles, and commercial waste disposal reduced by 90 percent. De Blasio’s efforts to eliminate food waste build upon former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s goal of reducing 75 percent of food waste from landfills by 2030 with a number of initiatives, which included the Mayor’s Food Waste Challenge—a campaign that invited New York City restaurants to track their food waste and commit to a 50 percent food waste diversion goal.

Feedback is partnering with The Rockefeller Foundation, City Harvest, GRACE Communications Foundation, Sustainable America, The V. Kahn Rasmussen Foundation, NRDC, Center for Biological Diversity, EPA, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, the NYC Office of the Food Policy Director, Food Recovery Network, The Sylvia Center, GrowNYC, Slow Food NYC, NYC Schools, the James Beard Foundation, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Food Tank, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, Salvation Farms, The Drexel Food Lab, AmpleHarvest.org, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Transfernation, and the Marble Collegiate Church.

The event will include a free lunch sourced entirely from fresh, quality produce that would otherwise go to waste. Additionally, 5,000 supplementary meals will be prepared and delivered to City Harvest’s network of soup kitchens and food pantries throughout New York City. Be sure to attend this exciting event or look for a Feeding the 5000 coming to a city near you.

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