Federal Hill Pineapple

Atwells Ave
Providence, RI


  • The Italian symbol for "Welcome"
  • It's actually a pignola nut. Google it, u r all wrong.
  • The pineapple/pine cone in this case is the international symbol for hospitality.
  • Now that you're here, find an Italian restaurant to eat at.
  • It is not a pineapple lol it is in fact a pinenut or a pinole in italian
  • It is in fact actually a pinecone.
  • I missed tthis place so much . I used to live in Federal Hill for more than 6 yrs. and the pineapple reminds me a lot.
  • Bring your sweetie!
  • Im told it is a pine nut.
  • Under reconstruction at the moment.
  • Pineapples are a sign of welcome and hospitality in Italy. "welcome" to federal hill
  • Gotta listen to the best station in Providence... Hot 106.3 when ur cruising on the hill!

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