Sandwich Of The Week: Red's Lobster Roll

Any discussion about the best—or at least, most famous—lobster roll in Maine would be incomplete without mention of Red's Eats in Wiscasset. And there's a line of customers to prove it. A long one. As a Times article documented, the wait begins in your car on the one-lane lead-up to Red's and the bridge.

It hasn't endeared tourists to locals. Indeed, someone shouted out their window "Red's Eats sucks" during the hour-long wait on a recent visit. But there's a short-cut to take in your car that will bypass a chunk of traffic. Follow Gardiner Road (as you have to) until you reach Churchill Street. Take Churchill and hang a left on Lee. Left on Middle. Boom. You're there.

After you've done your time in line, stake out a seat on the deck for a view of the bridge— but really, you'll be too busy with the roll for it to matter. Heaping, fresh wet lobster. So much it falls off and all over. It tastes like it was just cooked and picked, plus it's a great deal. No dressing. Ask for both butter (kept warm in a tea kettle on the stove) and mayo. Sometimes there's a reason why number one is number one.