Fat Cat Goes on Diet

Humans aren't the only ones watching their weight this swimsuit season...

This takes the term “fat cat” to a whole new level…

Ulric, a cat living in Great Britain, is making headlines this week after the declaration that he might be the largest British feline alive. Weighing 30 lbs. and with a 27 inch waist (yes, he could easily wear your jeans), Ulric has had difficulty walking and cleaning himself and apparently engages in very little activity other than stealing his sister Ulla’s food.


His owner, Jan Mitchell, entered him into the PDSA animal charity pet fitness competition and placed him on a strict diet after his veterinarian declared him morbidly obese. Embarking on something akin to a Kitty Biggest Loser, Ulric is now on a strict diet for six months: his food will be weighed and measured every morning and his sister’s food will be moved to a place out of his reach. Mitchell hopes that he will ultimately reach his goal weight of 13 lbs.