Fast Food Icon Roy Rogers Growing Again with Millennials in Mind


Most Millennials wouldn’t know Roy Rogers, the iconic Western movie star, from a cowboy’s tin of beans.

That’s utterly irrelevant to Roy Rogers, the Frederick Maryland–based quick-service chain that’s making a steady turnaround in a serious bid for 21st century relevance. Never mind that even McDonald’s is struggling for fast-food footing in an industry evolution that’s placed the likes of Chipotle, Panera Bread, and Five Guys as the new wave of culinary relevance.

Roy Rogers – the iconic restaurant where folks can mosey in for high-quality burgers, fried chicken, and roast beef sandwiches – is back in the saddle with a new, Millennial-friendly gait.

The updated stores have WiFi. Some Roy Rogers stores have flat-screen TVs. And new units even have communal tables, which have become so popular with younger customers.

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