Farmer Spotlight: Jennifer Long Escalated Her Backyard Garden Into A Full-Fledge Farm

From by Maggie Roth
Farmer Spotlight: Jennifer Long Escalated Her Backyard Garden Into A Full-Fledge Farm

Hello my name is Jennifer Long

I'm 55 years old. I've been farming for 7 years

I grow coffee, limes, rambutan, and tumeric at my farm in Biolley, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Sustainable farming practices are important to me because I grow my soil to increase crop yields

My favorite thing about being a famer is physical work, working with soil, and cultivation

My farmer idol or superhero is John Jeavons because he founded bio-intesive gardening a unique method of gardening and growing soil

My favorite song to listen to on the farm is "This is Life," by Grace Jones

When I am not farming I like to swim, hike, read, travel, and do other business endeavors

My favorite thing to grow is turmeric

My favorite thing to eat is organic veggies and fruits (raw)

If I could change one thing about the food system it would be save the soil around the planet

Something you don't know about me is I travel around the world, invest, and am involved in philanthropy projects

If I could tell the world one thing about what being a farmer is like it would be it's a challenge, but worth it

I conserve water on my farm by not having to. We get about four meters of rain a year

Climate change is affecting my farm through longer dry and wet periods

One thing I'm doing to protect the environment on my farm is bio-intensive, organic gardening and growing soil

One thing I'm doing to create healthy soil on my farm is natural humus and composting

The most difficult thing about sustainable farming is labor

I chose the agricultural life because I always had a veggie garden and love growing food

Others in my family are involved in farming or agriculture. Those involved in agriculture include my husband

The following resources, programs, or organizations are most valuable to my farm: Ecology Action/Bio-Intensive Gardening

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