Farmer Spotlight: Elizabeth Mcharo Shines On Her Farm in Tanzania.

From by Maggie Roth
Farmer Spotlight: Elizabeth Mcharo Shines On Her Farm in Tanzania.

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Charles Mcharo. I’m 56 years old.

I’ve been farming for 48 years.

I grow maize, sesame, green peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and onions at my farm in Kwakiliga Village in Tanga, Tanzania.

Sustainable farming practices are important to me because it prevents the soil from depletion.

My favorite thing about being a farmer is the fact that farming gave me everything that I have in life since I was a kid.

When I’m not farming I like to sing.

My favorite thing to grow is green peppers.

My favorite thing to eat is rice.

Something you don’t know about me is all the ideas I have on my mind.

If I could tell the world one thing about what being a farmer is like it would be that farming life is very hard, you never know how much you will make from it and it requires a lot of dedication.

I conserve water on my farm by harvesting rainwater and storing it in tanks.

Climate change is affecting my farm through drought.

One thing I’m doing to protect the environment on my farm is planting trees.

I think we need more young people involved in farming because it is a path to make a life in the long-term.

One thing I’m doing to create healthy soil on my farm is crop rotation.

One thing I’m doing to prevent erosion from my farm is planting trees, although this is not a big problem in my farm.

The most difficult thing about sustainable farming is preventing pests.

I chose the agriculture life because I didn’t have a chance to get education and my family was made of farmers.

Others in my family who are involved in agriculture work as subsistence farmers and they raise chickens with the 2Seeds Network business.

The following resources, programs, or organizations are most valuable to my farm: 2Seeds Network, the local agriculture extension officer, and my family

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