Farmer’s Market Fun

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Farmer’s Market Fun

Scavenger Hunt Fun

Before you head to the farmer’s market, print out our scavenger hunt and bring it along. As you stock up on fresh fruits & veggies, have the kids hunt for yummy treasures. Can they spy a food that grows underground? 2 red fruits? Or a funny-shaped veggie? Let the hunt begin!

Curly Carrot Lion Face

Curly Carrots!

Turn fresh carrots from the farmer’s market into yummy, crunchy carrot chips! They’re simple to make—and a great way for kids to practice using a veggie peeler. Just slice them up with the peeler, then roast them in the oven for summer snack activity.

Kids Baking Championship News

Kids Baking Championship! 

Calling all Kidstir bakers! The Kids Baking Championship television show is looking for talented bakers ages 8-13 that can compete in baking battles. Interested? Apply at BAKINGCHAMPIONSHIP.COM

At home, show off your baking skills with our Kidstir Bake My Day kit filled with tasty treat recipes, tools, and more!

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