The Falls In Idaho Falls

Scenic Lookout, Park
Idaho Falls, ID 83402


  • always something to see or do.
  • The falls refers to water falling not people, who knew?
  • Beautiful year round
  • Very beautiful. Blew away my expectations.
  • It is beautiful
  • I stepped in dog poop almost immediately.
  • Watch out for the dog poop, seriously 20 feet.
  • Scenery, fresh air, miles of scenic greenbelt for a nice run or walk around the river! Go 1 block east and be in the downtown area of Idaho Falls for a Latte, shopping, sweets or beer and wine tasting
  • It's great to walk around and see the water. Nothing spectacular but very nice.
  • great landscape
  • Nice view.
  • So many Canadian geese here.
  • So many Canadian geese
  • Had a great time dancing with these beautiful ladies
  • 1 bathroom stall!
  • Great place to meditate.
  • Nice place to have lunch

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