Fake Chef Bluffs Way to TV, Makes News Anchors Eat Old KFC

Fake chef Keith Guerke appeared on several morning news shows and offered holiday 'recipes' from his book, Leftovers, Right

'Keith Guerke' made the rounds on several local morning news shows in Wisconsin and Illinois and offered tips on how to make the most of holiday leftovers.

Over the holidays, a “chef” made his way around local morning news shows in Wisconsin and Illinois, offering tips from his cookbook, Leftovers, Right. Keith Guerke offered leftover “recipes” for a mashed potato ice cream cone with corn sprinkles, and a smoothie with diced ham, pumpkin pie, string beans, and gravy. News anchors across these several programs gamely agreed to sample Guerke’s contrived leftover meals and played along when he revealed “a finished milk jug” of another gravy-based smoothie.

Except Keith Guerke isn’t a professional chef, but a character developed by Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett for their Found Footage Festival, which begins touring soon.

The team is also responsible for another YouTube favorite, K-Strauss, the “yo-yo master,” and told Deadspin that it wasn’t difficult to make it on air at each of the five stations, which were scrambling for holiday content. To add insult to injury, because most restaurants were closed for the holidays, the food used in every segment was “day-old KFC.”