Failed Products Of Major Brands

What makes a product a hit or a miss? The unique nature of the concept perhaps, or that the product is better than all of its competitors. Or maybe it's an ingenious marketing campaign that resonates with the general public, and most often the company behind it the will help to predetermine the success of the product. However, in these cases, the grand success of the parent companies wasn't enough to save the products. Even the biggest and brightest come up short sometimes.

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When McDonald's decided to design a burger that would appeal to a more sophisticated, adult palate in the late '90s they came up with the Arch Deluxe. The concept is intriguing, but it was clear to consumers from the get-go that the company was simply rebranding their existing Big Mac sandwich without increasing the quality by any significant margin.

Kellogg's thought they were revolutionizing the grab-and-go breakfast market when they unveiled their Breakfast Mates in 1998, but not so surprisingly, the general public was less than thrilled with the idea of pouring pre-packaged, shelf-stable, room-temperature milk into their breakfast cereal. Flops happen, even to time-tested brand-name food corporations.

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