The Fail-Proof Way to Pick-Up an Irish Bartender

Seriously, it works

3) The Pick-Up

Wait with your drink by the bar until he/she has a free moment, and then…

You: Hey, can I ask you a dorky question?

Amenable Bartender Who Is Humoring you: Yeah, sure.

You: You probably get this a lot…

[Note: No, they don't get this a lot.]

Amenable Bartender Who Is Humoring You: OK…

You: Do you watch Father Ted?

Amenable Bartender Who Is Now Completely Delighted: Father Ted?! That’s my favorite show!

You: Ahhh, me too, and no one here has seen it! What’s your favorite episode?

Amenable Bartender Who Could Talk About This All Night: Probably the one with the sheep. Dougal is so funny!

You: I know! Ah, Dougal!

Etc, etc, etc.

The bartender will be thrilled that someone else has heard of what is inevitably his or her favorite show from the '90s, you’ll stand out for having such cool taste in Irish broad comedy, and the ice will be broken. Invite them over to watch the show, if you want. They’ll probably say yes. Bringing up Father Ted to an Irish bartender is the equivalent of shooting them with cupid’s arrow.


Don’t Believe Me?

Seriously, I’ve been using this line since 2008 and the only time it’s ever let me down is when the bartender turned out to be from Ohio. (But he talked like he had an accent??)

I’ve made money on this line, by betting to friends that it would work. Ask the HowAboutWe team! I used it on an Irish waiter during a meeting once. I’ve used it on female Irish bartenders, just to see if they also liked Father Ted. I’ve used it to chat-up an entire group of Irish grad students in London.

I’m telling you, it won’t fail you.


The Challenge

St. Patrick's Day is on Saturday. You’ll likely go to an Irish Pub at some point. Test the line out, and let me know how it works.

If, for some reason, it backfires, well, then, the Guinness is on me.

But it won’t. This line is gold.


— Chiara Atik, How About We...


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