The Face (and Mouth) Behind @MissNewFoodie

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The Face (and Mouth) Behind @MissNewFoodie

Spoon: So how did this start? What’s the story behind @MissNewFoodie?
Emily: It started randomly one night in my dorm room. I texted my friends and told them I was making a food Instagram, and they sent me any food pictures they have. My original account name was @ReallyGoodFoodAndStuff … Creative, I know.

Spoon: And now you have more thank 14k followers! Why do you think it blew up so quickly?
Emily: I think the first major publicity I had was when @infatuation reposted a picture of a peanut butter apple I made. I got 1000 new followers overnight. From there, people told their friends who tell their friends and it’s just grown a lot.

Spoon: What do you think of the “food porn” craze that’s taken over social media?
Emily: It’s kind of strange when you think about it: people get enjoyment from looking at food. It’s weird, but I dig it.

Spoon: How do you avoid a gross Martha Stewart-y food photo?
Emily: Lighting is key. Dark lighting will lead to a bad photo 98.5% of the time.

Photo by Becky Hughes

Photo by Becky Hughes

Spoon: What are your most popular posts? Which get the most likes?
Emily: Pictures that have really clever captions, or pictures that have an interesting background, like, of NYC or my dog (“homedog”).

Spoon: What are you studying?
Emily: Nutrition, and I’m minoring in MCC (Media, Culture and Communication).

Spoon: Really! Your Instagram feed is all junk food… Explain?
Emily: Taking a picture of salad or oatmeal isn’t all that exciting. People want to see food that makes their jaws drop. I don’t always eat junk food, I also eat healthy—fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. I just never post those pictures to Instagram. I don’t eat meat either, so you won’t find too many hamburger pictures on my account.

Spoon: Whats your favorite place to eat in the city? What do you order there?
Emily: I’d say The Grey Dog is my favorite place to eat—It’s funny because there are no pictures from there on my account. The herb goat cheese sandwich from there is so good that I always finish it before I remember to take a picture.

Spoon: What’s next for MissNewFoodie?
Emily: I’m not sure! My dream is to have my own food show, but for now, I’m fine just eating tasty food and taking pictures with my homedog.

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