Extreme Pizza

2130 Southgate Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 634-1616



  • DONT BUY A RESTAURANT.COM CERTIFICATE FOR HERE! It says $4 for a $10 certificate, min purchase of $15. The manager decided that is has to be min purch of $25! Total ripoff! NO ONE else does that!
  • Love Love the yard sale the primo of all pizza
  • Extremely good but extremely slow. Always. Like years now. Plan ahead. Bring a book. It is great pizza. Reminds me of Godfathers pizza.
  • Service keeps getting slower on each visit. Because of this, I now get to be late for work.
  • Their 8" leaves something to be desired. It was thin and not terribly filling. I'd recommend Old Chicago over them.
  • Yard sale pizza is great!
  • Extreme pizza Monday!